The Indy Ram VINKeeper

Indy Ram owner and Registered Member Mike Paz has taken on the task of collecting Indy Ram VIN numbers. This list is kept confidential.
The purpose of our VIN list:

1. Register as many trucks as we can for achival/historic purposes.

The Chrysler Marketing reps I have spoken with in person or on the phone all tell me that any meaningful info available from them will be based on the VIN's I provide. The more, the better.

With the VIN, I can generate the VISR (Vehicle Information Summary Report) at my local dealer. This provides a breakdown of each owners options as they came from the factory and also gives service information as it regards to warranty, recalls, etc. This info has proven to be especially valuable for purchasers of used INDY's (who ranks are bound to grow) so that they will know exactly what got done to the truck at the dealer level since the truck was first put into service.

Just general info and trivia. The excel chart I conjured up provides a further breakdown of percentages of trucks with certain options, etc.

If you would like to add your VIN to the list or have a VIN related question, please fill out the fields below.
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