1998 Mopar Nationals

My apologies for the quality of these photos. I need to get a real camera!

Clay's '84 in burnout contest
Clay Cooke's wild '84 tearing up some skins!

Lotta smoke!

Where'd ya go, Clay!?

Little Red Wagon wheelstander
Wow! I was amazed with this hemi-powered Little Red Wagon.

Still up there!
If I remember right, this thing ran 7 second quarters on two wheels!!

Ramjet! The world's first self-igniting jet dragster. I'd never seen a jet-powered vehicle before....What an experience!

Lean pops!
Look close and you can see the actual fire ring from him leaning out the afterburner. The 'lean pops' were so strong, I thought they were going to blow out all those windows. (You could see them all flexing!)

Clay's Indy
Here's Clay with his Indy in Saturday's burnout contest!

Indy smoke!
Yup! That's real Eagle GTII smoke there, folks!! It was great meeting Clay, he's one hell of a guy for giving up two sets of tires that weekend for the crowd!

Richard Petty Edition & my Indy
I parked next to this '96 Richard Petty Edition to get a picture. It was a really cool Ram!

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