Its now Sunday and the show is over, if I can reflect for a minute I would like to thank everyone in attendance and everyone that set this event up and put themselves on the line for us. It was a truly spectacular event and one that will be talked about for months to come. This thing is already being planned for next year as it should be. It matters not where it will be because I will follow you all anywhere,  I wouldn't miss a gathering for almost anything. Meeting with those in attendance and putting faces with names and email addresses will serve as the building blocks for taking this club to a highly rated, large membership club that will have magazines begging for the exclusive shots of the event, somewhat like the Viper Club only more reasonably priced :-). This show was more than a gathering of several Indyram trucks, it was an announcement that we are here to stay, and under the leadership of newly elected President JIM YEAGLY and Vice President Mark Hamrick we will continue to grow until all, or nearly all 2802 Indyrams are banded together. As exhausted as I am, I am still really pumped from what we have done this weekend. 

Sunday's festivities started at the hotel for a last minute shine up of the trucks before departing for Eagle Creek Park. I was set as the leader of the drive because I knew roughly where we were going to. As we departed with my truck in the front, I was giggling like a young child on Christmas morning. I was so tickled to be the front man for this beautiful row of trucks that I couldn't hardly concentrate on the task at hand (keeping the trucks together and getting us there in one piece). I now know what pace car drivers feel like its an exciting time but also a little nerve racking as well. I wish I could have taken a picture of the view in my mirrors, it was just gorgeous! We arrived at the park and checked in for the day, arrival at the rented area was disappointing at best, because of park policies we didn't get a parking lot all to our selves, Mark and Garri and I spoke to the lady at the gate and she brushed us off, so thinking as we had done all weekend long we took matters into our own hands and made a parking area of our own! :-) This actually worked out pretty well, it wasn't what Garri and I had discussed on the phone and not what Garri had in mind when he reserved the place but we were both pretty much lied to so we did it our way. The show and barbecue(excellent food, my complements to the chef!) went well, it was basically new friends discussing our common interest. Then when it was mostly over we were handed Trophies and Dash plaques(both items were very nice and will look great sitting on our shelves). Then we departed that area for pictures of the trucks as a group in a large open field in the park (ahh the money shot!). After the pictures were taken everyone headed in their separate ways. :-(

Well that's it Friends.
"Indy's at Indy 99" is over. It was a great show and a big hit for us. Next year will be bigger and better I know it, the only thing better than 25 Indyrams is 50 Indyrams, and old friends gathering to talk about what's new. 
I would like to again thank everyone that showed up (and worked so hard) for making this event so great. Special thanks goes to the members in attendance for allowing my truck to be front and center in all the pictures! I got a big kick out of that. It means a lot to me that you all think enough of my truck to put it in the front of our first large group photos.


No captions on these pictures I am going to let them speak for themselves this time!

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