I thought Friday was a great day, as it was, and I was astounded by the sites and sounds. Until Saturday was here, I don't think Saturday could not have been any better if I had dreamed it up. Everything was perfect even getting lost looking for Hooters (the restaurant) was fun. The sites and sound and general feeling on Saturday has to be ranked up there with the first moon landing and being at a Nascar race. If this sounds like I am over doing it trust me its true! Just ask anyone in attendance. The day started with an early rise so that we could leave as a group and parade to IMS before they opened, total bumper count----21!. As we grouped and pulled onto the road there was the sound of squealing tires and great sounding exhaust notes---and a significant amount of Blower whine coming from Mark Hamrick's truck(LOVE THAT SOUND!). We hit the road as a group and I was just floored by the site of 21 Indyram's in a single line on the road, words and pictures cannot express what that looked and felt like (trust me this is what will make this a true 300+ Indyram per show club!) Everyone should be allowed to experience this once in their lives. Every stop we made was accompanied by passerby's asking what was going, jaws dropping and MORE BURNOUTS! We arrived at IMS Museum to a near empty parking lot and plenty of space to line the trucks side by side, two rows deep---simply beautiful! Then it was decided upon that we could all line up in front of the museum for a photo of the trucks with it in the background, we weren't really supposed to but we didn't ask and didn't care what they thought(and guess what IMS we can take pictures with our advertisements in them, just look at the 3rd picture down) needless to say the security personnel wasn't excited about us being there. After being yelled at for the banner and someone sitting on the fountain/pool in front getting yelled at, it was decided by a few people that another picture of Indy's entering the IMS facility was needed. Take notice of the smoke in the second picture, that's not Indianapolis smog :-). The security put us on warning at this point but no one in the group seemed to care after what IMS had done to us before the trip. A quick look in the museum and tour of the track followed as well as a stop in the gift shop and photo shop to look at photos taken (they had already set out the pictures taken in 1996 of the Indyrams used at the track we have picture proof that there were 150 Indyram's used at the race in 1996) and then we left as quietly as we entered, except the group was now 23 strong :-). After leaving the track we took a very extended route to a somewhat local Hooters restaurant for lunch and then some excellent photos of the trucks with the Hooters girls! We were even fortunate enough to talk a very pretty brunette into climbing on the hood of a few of the trucks for a very lucky photo op! The picture is posted at the bottom of this page(Thanks Eric!). After all that excitement everyone needed freshening up so it was back to the hotel for a little break at which time we picked up another Indyram. While everyone was resting I was lucky enough to get to take a ride with Mark Hamrick in the baddest truck I have every been in!  Thank you very much Mark, I truly enjoyed the opportunity. This thing hazed the tires the entire time and could still WHIP a Ford Lightning! After that we held the first Indyram meeting, mostly just to discuss the club and its future and who was going to take charge of its responsibilities. During which time we were invited to a local cruise in and cordially accepted. We cruised as a group through the area a couple of times and then walked around a bit and luckily found a local Indyram owner, that was willing to cruise with us, we were then 25 Indy's strong. This pretty much completes the days festivities and we then headed for the hotel, food, rest and preparation for Sunday's show. 

The start of the day at Indianapolis Motor Speedway Museum. That's a beautiful line of trucks, and yes it does go 2 deep all the way to the end!

A great picture of the trucks in front of the museum! And Track Security said we couldn't take a picture of our banner on IMS property! Looks like we can to me!

UH OH! That's not very polite! :-) You stop that Kevin Southwell! Or as the security guard said "your not gonna do that sh** again or your outta here!" :-)

Lunch at Hooters was followed by 3 Hooters girls posing with the trucks. The brunette on the left later climbed on the hood of one of the trucks for what maybe the best picture ever taken of an Indyram! :-)

A courageous Kevin Southwell hanging from a lamp post took this great picture of the trucks together at the Hooters lot..

Great shot of the 2 deep parking at Indy Motor Speedway

Different angle of the Indy's in front of the IMS Museum

Another angle of the Indy's in front of the museum.

The trucks all lined up at Hooters before heading to the Hotel.

A little different angle of the Hooters girls holding our banner in front of the Indy's.

Here it is friends! Didn't I tell you this was a great shot! I honestly think this may very well be the best picture taken at Indy!

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