AHH! The time has come finally! INDY IS HERE! Let me just be the first to say WOW! I can't believe how cool this really is having this many Indys here and we are well short of our expected number. Not that we don't have an awesome turn out, trust me folks those trucks all lined up at the hotel is one of the prettiest sites you will ever see. Total "bumper count" as of 7:00pm was 18 Indy's with several more expected to show. I was just awestruck at the site of all of these trucks there. Words and pictures just can't express the atmosphere and sight surrounding the show so far. None of this petty bickering that has been going on just pure friendliness and a lot of truck talk. Plus lots of hoods opening and closing. While on the subject let me personally say that Mark Hamrick's truck is about the coolest thing I have ever seen. It puts and end to the Blower vs. Nitrous debate by mixing the two and throwing a little cooler in between. Trust me Indyrammers! Mark put a new meaning to the word accessorize! :-) I mean that in a good way! His truck looks Great! On the agenda for tomorrow: leave the hotel at 7:30am----AM?!----These people are NUTS! Darn tourists they have to see it all before they leave! :-) After leaving the hotel we will go to IMS Museum for a tour and picture of the trucks together then its off to TEAR UP THE TOWN! Should be a good day if the rain holds out! Well that's about it from the darkened roads of Indiana. Wish the rest of you could be here! Maybe next year?!

View of Indyrams from the side of the hotel! This is just the first row!

The first picture is again of Row 1 the little girl is Jim Yeagley's daughter. He said she was a "Little Monster" now does that cute little girl look like a monster to you? First picture of row 2! Great looking line of trucks isn't it!

Another picture of Row 2 but with my truck included in the shot!  Full view of Row 2 in front of the Hotel!  Look at the one at the far right! Best looking one there! :-)
Full drivers side view of Mark Hamrick's Huffer and Juice plumbing. Unbelieveablely smooth setup! Close up of the Blower! You should hear it run! Its not subtle! :-) Want some cheese with that Whine! :-)

Darker Sinister looking view of yours truley's  Indyram!   Outside view of Mark Hamrick's Indy. Look closely just under the center of the spoiler! See the Intercooler? PEEK-A-BOO!

Pair of Indy's sporting new front air-dams! The only Indy at the show not going topless!

View of row 1 on the way out!    View of row 2 on the way out!
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