Poor Man's Shift Kit

"Poor Man's Shift Kit"

Throttle Valve Location
Making the Indy Ram transmission shift a little firmer

Want your stock Indy tranny to shift a bit firmer, without spending the $$ for an aftermarket shift kit? Well, you can, and we'll show you how!
In the photo above the adjustment end of the Throttle Valve (TV) cable is circled. This is where we'll make our adjustment.
Note: in these photos, the air cleaner housing has been removed for a better view. It is not necessary to do this for the actual adjustment.
First, locate the TV cable, mounted to the rear of the throttle body on the passenger side of the truck. The arrow in this photo points to the button on the TV cable. Below you will find a sketch of the markings on the button.
The adjustment is pretty straightforeward: hold the cable just behind the button housing with your left hand, depress the button with your right hand (you may need to use a pair of pliers to do this), and pull the cable out (toward the firewall) one or two "clicks."
tv cable end, closeup.B
Button Markings
We recommend taking a test drive after one click, and if you want more, go for two clicks. You'll notice the shifts will happen a little later than normal, and be a bit firmer, too. Note: Although a "two click shift kit" has been in place on the webmaster's Indy for 24,000 miles as of this writing with no adverse affects, we must state that we are not responsible for any problems you may encounter if you perform this mod on your truck.
With this said, "Happy Shifting!"

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