Indy Ram Project Center

Indy Ram Owners all love to personalize their trucks. Many times, we have an idea but can't figure out all the details by ourselves. That's what this section of the site is all about.

Completed Projects:
Performance Fluid Additives
Courtesy of Clay Cooke
Keyless Tonneau Cover
MPI Intake Manifold Install
Courtesy of Clay Cooke
Poor Man's Shift Kit
Custom Quick D Throttle Body Install
Courtesy of Clay Cooke
Edelbrock Header Install
Courtesy of Clay Cooke
MPI Intake Install - Page 1
Courtesy of Shane Moseley
Lowering Kit Upgrade
Get that extra 2" rear drop by Nick Carnes
Rear Anti-Sway Bar
Courtesy of Nick Carnes
Major Stereo Upgrade
Courtesy of Nick Carnes

Do you have an idea for a project, or have you just finished one and want to see it here?
Send it in!