Special offer to non-Indy Ram owners

Interested in having a web page of your own? Fill out the form below!
Most all Internet Service Providers offer their subscribers free space for their own personal web page, but who has the time to learn HTML, javascript, or even those "simple" editors that they offer for your use?

Due to the interest shown, we have decided to offer web page design for just $19.95 per page. This will include an original page using your content, images, links, etc. Need some photos scanned? Need images modified? We can do it for you at no extra charge.
Plus, we'll optimize your files for faster loading pages.

You'll also get a link from the popular indyram.org site.



After you've submitted your name and email, you'll be contacted by our webmaster to discuss what you want in your page(s). More than 4 photo scans or images per page will be subject to additional fees, and no adult content will be accepted. We're confident that you won't find a better offer, just check around!

Email the webmaster at =dual=wide=center= Productions