Phillip Strauhs, Wichita, Kansas

Phillip Strauhs
"I took this picture on December 6, 1998. The group was part of the Christmas parade in Wichita Ks. My Indy is the one on the far right, pulling the sleigh. The other Indy Ram, the third truck form the right side is owned by fellow member of the Indy Ram Org. Brandon Wuolukka. I'm sorry that I cannot remember the names of the other people in the group. The group turned quite a few heads during the parade."

Truck Particulars:

The only mods so far....BellTech 2/4 drop....K&N filter....3" dual exhaust....Added Lanzar subwoofers to the stereo system....But I still have a HUGE wish list.

Phillip Strauhs
"The personal plates on my truck say - NOMERCY! And my MOTHER steals the truck from me when I sleep! I've had the truck one and a half years and already had to replace the rear tires 4 TIMES!!! She has one hell of a lead foot! She is wanting me to put a Paxton Supercharger on it ......can you believe it?"

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