Dennis Mitchell, Decatur, Alabama

Truck Particulars:

I bought an Indy truck when they first came out and every time I drove it something would happen to it, eg. rocks hitting the windshield. But when I jackknifed my utility trailer into it, I said it's time to go. Well, I traded it for a '96 red Sport, I always missed that truck and would go to work and see 3 Indy trucks everyday. (I work for Chrysler Corp.) So I found this truck with 11,000 miles on it so I jumped on it. I will not let this one go. I love the attention it gets every time I drive it. I've even had people pose by it for a picture. My truck has Mopar ground effects and matching fiberglass bed cover, Ventshades, tinted windows, touring pkg., Premium CD System, power seat, windows and locks. I also use the truck to tow my '70 Roadrunner.



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