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Faisal Almansouri
San Bernardino all the pics in there!! Take a look and tell me what do you think?
Thomas Andreeff
Yorba Linda
INDY RAM- Indy Display Vehicle Used By Chrysler Corporation at the 1996 Indy 500. I use to work at Chrysler and bought it in 1997 from the Corporation. After it was used at Indy and by Promotional Vehicles Group at Chrysler it was used by Service Engineering support staff as an evaluation vehicle. I had a friend in Service Engineering who was a Manager that arranged the logistics of the sale from Chrysler to me. The Truck has 28,000 on it now and is all stock. I have all the Corporate Paper work showing me assembly line status of my truck and the Departments it was assigned to at Chrysler when they owned it. The original window sticker shows the Delivery Person to be Chrysler Promotional Vehicles. It was shipped to MASCOTECH for preparation prior to promotional duty. MASCOTECH originated from Creative Industries (ie. Datyona/Superbird conversion center Chrysler used to built those cars in 69 and 70). I made sure to get full written documentation of this as I hav! e owned several Mopar Muscle Cars over the past 18 years and I understand the value of paperwork when documenting a vehicle when it comes time to sell.
Brian B
I own and Indy Ram, with all the goodies. Power everything, CD player, Tow Package. But in addition I've added Gibson headers and supertruck exhaust, Air Raid intake w/K&N cone filter, J.E.T. stage II computer chip and 180 thermostat. Oh yeah and a set of color matched Cal-Vu sport mirrors, sorry boys, but those stock mirrors look awful. I'm the only owner, and I bought the truck on May 3, 1996.
Jay Beller
Stock for now with most of the factory upgrades, ah something no one else mentioned Aluminum differential cover polished to match those great wheels!
Scott Brady
Coming Soon!
Southern California
Weekend driver (under 25k miles), lowered, tonneau cover w/stripes & matching wing, billet grille, ground effects/running board package, Chevy Blazer electric side mirrors, Dodge Ram tow hitch plug. All the factory options (including touring package - compass, temp, etc.), extended warranty. Aren't the Indy Rams the greatest?!
James Bryan
I own a 96 Dodge Indy Ram. Some of the mods. are a Mopar ECM, Cold Air Induction and Headers. I have also added a deck lid and have striped it to match.
Steve Cady
I just bought my 'Indy Ram' in May of 99. It had 32k miles on it and is completely stock (a good thing I think). The previous owner is bugging me to sell it back to him. The truck gets lots of looks and comments, especially with my Rottweiler in the back! One strange thing is that my truck doesn't know it's a truck, it seems to think it's a Corvette, it handles just like one! I plan on adding the door stickers soon and perhaps getting a cover and performance chip.
Mark Caputo
Los Angeles
New Indy Ram Owner. Just purchased one last week. Need to find the following items. 1. Dodge sticker for the windshield. 2. New american flags. 3. Good vinyl place to replace the stripes at the rear gate.
Frank Carmona
Santa Barbara
I own a Indy ram.
Neil Clifford
Thousand Oaks
96' Indy Ram
Doug Crowe
I've added and K&N filter and had the Rhino Lining sprayed in (BLUE)
Sean Curry
Canoga Park
I bought my Indy in June 1996. It's got a Belltech dropkit (2" front, 4" rear), and a performance chip. I'm looking for info from anyone who has a Vortec or Paxton supercharger. Please e-mail me if you have any info and let me know your pros and cons.
Rob Djanazian
Lake Forest
I got My Indyram about five months ago.I will be getting pictures soon.Right now the only MOD it has is two RockFord Fosgate XLC 10 inch subwoofers and a magnaflow cat back exhaust coming out of the side.More MODs coming soon...
Ed Duval
Mission Viejo
I bought this truck from Rob Djaniarian in Lake Forest, CA. Lowered and stylin! All stock accept for flow masters and K&N filter.
Jack Freeman
96 dodge ram indy we havent put the stickers on yet but were getting there we took them off because they were fading
Tyler Garrard
'96 with 22,000 miles, color matched camper shell, JL audio stealth box,Precision Power amp, PIAA 910's K&N filter, Plans include a new nascar styled exhuast. After the cat, a three inch pipe is converted to oval tubing, going into a borla or flowmaster racing muffler. >From there, still in oval tubing through a 45 degree bend out into a angled exhaust that exits streamlined with the body, in front of the rear tires.
Mike Gilliland
Bermuda Dunes
Purchased in April '96, have added RT Package, K&N FIPK, Jacobs ignition, Crower 1.7 ratio roller rockers. I also lowered the truck 4" in front and 6" out back, polished the stock Indy wheels, and have added 255/50/17 in front and 305/45/17 in back. Modifications to the body are sport mirrors, billet grille and inserts, and white pearl stripes carried down all the way.
Nick Gordan
I own a 1996 dodge Indy Ram,With the license plate # of 96INDY.I was able to get that personalized plate,only because I bought the truck the day it was released.
Matt Grigorieff
I own a 1996 Dodge Ram Indy. The body has several upgrades like a 2000' sport bumper, upgraded heaad lights, roll pan, custom K & N intake, snug top cover, amazing sound system with multimedia integration.
Mike Hayes
Palm Springs
1996 Indy Ram, all stock, for now
Ryan Houlton
Yorba Linda
I've owned my Indyram for close to two years now. When I bought it, it was completely stock, nothing done at all. So the mission began. I first took off the stock exhaust and put on a ripple pipe created by John McLeod from McLeod Motorsports in Placentia. Then topped it off with a new three inch tip. Then I had the windows tinted very dark, and a K&N stock replacement filter put in. Next I bought a steel roll pan from Sir Michael's in Garden Grove and had it painted to match with stripes and all. At the same time I had the stripes extended on the front bumper. Then I went to Gaylord's in Long Beach to purchase a new tonneau cover and have a California Cruiser carpet kit installed inside the bed. Then the stripes were painted on the cover. Then installed a Street Scene sports grille from Traders in Pico. Next, I needed a meaner stereo system, so I talked to a buddy who now owns Wicked Audio, he designed a box to fit 4 10 "s behind the seat. So now the ! stereo system consists of 4 AW1000 Audiobahn subs with a 1200 watt A2150 Audiobahn amp, and the new Panasonic DF800U face. I am barley half done with the truck as of now. I plan to next replace the mirrors with Street Scene Sport mirrors. Lower the truck 3'5" or 4'6" (still undecided) Add the R/t package. And have the Interior redone with leather. I will get pictures soon of how it looks now.
Craig Kei
K&N air filter, tow package, tonneau cover, color coded rear bumper, daily driver.
Larry Kennedy
Ken & Nancy Kochanski
We just purchased one today.What a BITCHIN truck.Glad to have found this website.Didnt really know much about thembefore.Got it from orignal owner 57,000 miles all decals still in box.
Jeremy Kreuzer
San Jose
I have a 96 indy ram that I purchased used from a dealer. It is pretty much stock except for a k&n filter charger. I have a alpine deck with 6 disc changer in the center fold down seat and 2- 8" subs behind the seats with a 300 watt amp.
Daniel Maciel
I own a Indy Dogde Ram I've done a little work to it. I put a Flow Master exuast, and a K&N air intake system along with a 2000 watts a audio system I will soon send pictures of my truck ,I just don't have any on hand.
Scott Mehner
Los Angeles
Indy Ram with 50000 miles, so far have added roll pan w/ stripes, and stripes down front bumper, street scene mirrors, one 12" sub w/ amp, black lights inside, halogen bulbs and blue turn signals, painted door handles to match body and still adding!
Jennah Peake
I own an Indy 500 Ram. It kicks ass! My truck is completely stock.
Scott Ramuno
San Diego
I am the proud owner of the '96 Indy 500 RAM. My truck as 82,000 miles on it.
Mike Rawlins
Yorba Linda
I am Eighteen And I have Had Mine for three years
Jason Sarno
Lake Forest
I have an Indy Ram.
Byron Schley
I own a Indy Truck, with great extras on it. Tonnou cover with strips, sport mirrors (blue) Its lifted with 33in. tires, great sound system, tinted windows. The engine is strong with the Indy truck computer chip, headers, flow master muffler, custom exhuast. Very, very good condition. Wanting to see how much I can get for it.
William Schmigel
Bev & Dan Smith
American Canyon
Our truck is as purchased from Napa Dodge in May '96. We had the dealer install the small "Indy" decals and factory bedliner. Larrys truck toppers installed a black tonneau cover to finish it off.
Jim Stilwell
Just thought I would introduce myself on her, My First name is Jim and Ihave and indy Ram *sits down*....Alright that was too corny... Anyway I picked up my dodge Indy Ram from someone out here in California.. Engine, . Mopar Performance Computer . Performance modified throttle body (R&D Performance) . 180 deg thermostat . Taylor 8mmPlug wires . MSD 6A Spark Enhancer . Air Raid Intake w/ K&N filter Exhaust . Edlebrock Headers . High flow aftermarket Catalytic converter . Flowmaster muffler . Custom 3" complete exhaust with custom tip Drive train . Completely rebuilt transmission with all new 47RE parts, bullet proof. Less than 5,000 miles. . Transgo-Shift kit . New hi-performance U-joints . 4.11 Rear gears . Auburn posi rear end Suspension . Lowered 2" front 3" rear, western suspension parts . Eibach front springs . Rear Hellwig sway bar . Doesh-tech lowering shocks . Bridgestone Dueler HP tires Misc . Dual Air horns . Tinted windows . Custom front bumper inserts, matching factory grill. Lighting . 100/80 Watt Ion headlamps . Low Beams on with High Beam modification . PIAA 759 85watt Fog lamps . PIAA limited edition 135watt Driving lamps . Dual 55watt reverse lamps . Rear stock reverse lamps rewired as amber turn signals . Cargo lamp wired as reverse lamp . Hidden reverse lamp floor switch Interior . Electric sliding rear window, dash mounted switch . Custom carbon fiber accents . Carbon fiber steering wheel cover . White faced gauges This is the best vehickle i have ever owned and I am loving it as my daily driver (cept for the cost of gas heh).
wallace sublett
i own an indy ram truck i have had it since i was 16 years old
Jeremy Webb
I just bought an Indy Ram with a Hard Bed Cover, and 19,500 miles! It is in brand new condition!
I just got an indy ram 2 months ago, it was stock when i got it but I have added a sound system, exaust, headers, roll pan, clear corners, front and back, bella rims [18's] 3" 5" drop, low profile tires. street scene sport mirrors white speed grille, tinted windows, white face gauges, stripes on tonneua cover, roll pan and down front bumper, black lights inside, blue turn signals,blue headlights and adding supercharger next month picture up really soon
San Bernardino
1996 Indy 500, lowered, got a Supercharge, intercooler, ignoting, turbotimer, Nos, cams, front gril, 37,000 Miles, Fast and sweet

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