Mobile, Alabama

Gordon Stevens, Joe Billitz, Tim Hancock, and Keith.

"The turnout was great. We had the security guards going crazy at BelAir Mall in Mobile. The first Indy on the scene was Keith's. Keith lives in Georgetown, AL and , like myself, uses his truck daily. He even told of the time he had a boat strapped over the cab of his Indy. It seems that the boat blew off the truck going to Dauphin Island, AL. We all joked about chipping in and buying his Indy from him to preserve it. Keith remarkably keeps his in great shape though.
Next on the scene was Joe Bilitz. Joe has already met Keith before on numerous occasions. But never with more Indys coming over the horizon. You all know how Joe keeps his in pristine condition, so I can't tell you much more about his pride and joy. I will state again I must have those Mopar ground effects/side steps of his.
Then I came to the scene. By this time the security guards were going nuts. Someone could have held up the whole mall and they would have never known. It was real impressive to see three Indys side by side. Until the fourth Indy came over the hill (don't have mountains this far south).
Tim Hancock was our guest of honor. He really surprised me the first time I met him. He drives with towels covering the floorboard. Remember Tim has the Sport Truck Mag. give away. He got a great deal on the free truck when he purchased it from the winner. With four Indys there, we definitely turned heads. The security guards called their friends with the Mobile Police who were Mopar enthusiasts. What a sight! I sure wish Tim had more time to spend in Mobile so we could shoot more pictures in the daylight."


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