IndyRam Club of America

Why do we need to form a club?

The IndyRam Club of America has been formed by members of the Indy Ram Registry to provide a means of funding Indy Ram shows and meetings, and to allow the production and sale of Indy Ram specific memorabilia.

We have been made aware of the need for an incorporated club while planning and executing our first three highly successful meetings, and while attempting to produce quality Indy Ram merchandise for our membership in the Registry. These meetings were planned and funded by only a few individual members, and our merchandising attempts were met with constant supply problems due to lack of capital.

What's the status of the Club as of now?

We first assembled a member panel made up of volunteers from the Indy Ram Registry. The Member Panel, along with the active remaining Officers, has been hard at work for months.

As of July 4, 2000, we have selected a preliminary Club Logo, and with the help of our friends in the "Mopars Unlimited Club" of Iowa we have drafted our very own set of bylaws. We are also currently recognized as a non-profit corporation in the state of Ohio, but this will soon be moving to the state of Florida.

What's the difference between the Registry and the Club?

The Indy Ram Registry has been around for over three years now. It has been, and will always remain, free to join and participate in. There are many members who are happy with what our Registry has to offer, and don't plan to attend shows or events. This is why we have created the Club as a natural extension of the Registry, to provide for our members who want a little more out of this thing.

The IndyRam Club of America will require membership dues, which will entitle members to a welcome package, the contents of which are yet to be decided, reduced entry fees for shows and other meeting costs, and special "members only" club negotiated hotel rates. Club members will also receive a club newsletter, and discounts for all IndyRam merchandise purchases. Current plans also include a special icon next to the member's name in the Registry denoting club membership, and admission into a special password protected area of the website. Keep in mind this Club is brand new, and more "perks" can and will be added as they are adopted.

So, what do you need from me?

We've made our way through an extensive, sometimes agonizing, planning stage. What the IndyRam Club of America needs now is the capital to start the Club bank account. This will enable us to begin work on the member welcome package, purchase merchandise for our IndyRam Store, as well as enable us to prepay for next year's IndyRam events.

Club membership rates have been agreed upon and set at $40 for the first year, and $25 each year after. We are prepared to offer a special "Founding Member" title to all Club members who join us now in our first year. We are offering this because we feel the patience of the first year's membership should be rewarded. We are hoping that all Founding Members will understand the delays expected for merchandise, member packages, and newsletters. We want to make it clear to all that Founding Member dues are needed to begin purchasing supplies and merchandise for our Club. This will, of course, result in delays in providing member welcome packages, newsletters, merchandise for sale in the IndyRam Store, etc.

With the help of a dedicated group of volunteers, the same individuals that have provided the Indy Ram Registry are working to create a First Class IndyRam Club for all members. Founding Members have the opportunity to proudly join this elite group in backing the new IndyRam Club of America. Please join us, your help will be greatly appreciated by all!

How do I join?

First of all, you should read the IndyRam Club of America Bylaws. Please keep in mind that they most likely will require modifications from time to time as the club progresses.

Next, fill out the join form. Print the form out before you click submit so that you can send a hard copy with your check for the first year's dues.