The general purpose of this club, incorporated (in the state of Ohio) as a non profit corporation, shall be the promotion, preservation, restoration and safe modification of Dodge Limited Edition Official Trucks of the Indy 500, hereafter referred to as "IndyRams".
   Our goals are to promote interest in, and a better image of, IndyRams in general through safe and intelligent use of the trucks. 

Section 1. The elected officers of the club shall be as follows: president, vice-president, secretary, treasurer, and regional panel members. Positions to be appointed by the panel members shall be: sergeant-at-arms, merchandise manager, newsletter editor, and webmaster. All elected and appointed officers shall receive a one year paid membership to the club, and an appreciation gift.
Section 2. The duties of the club's officers shall be as follows and will continue for the full term of that position unless voted out by the panel. A replacement officer will be appointed by the panel and will serve out the remainder of that positions term:
A) President: The president shall preside over all meetings of the members of this club and meeting of the panel. The president shall sign all contracts and other instruments of writing which have been approved by the panel members. The president shall appoint, with the advice and consent of the panel members, all committees and shall be a member of all said committees. Term of office 1 year.
B) Vice-President: The vice-president shall assist the president at all meetings, meets and all meetings of the panel members. If, for any reason, the president should be absent from these meetings, the vice-president shall take over the meeting. The vice-president shall be in charge of public relations and its duties. The vice-president shall contact the places for events and send thank you notes after the events. Term of office 1 year.
C) Secretary: The secretary shall keep the minutes of all regular meetings and the meetings of the panel members. The minutes are to be posted at the beginning of each of these meetings and made ready for the upcoming newsletter. The secretary shall also be responsible for maintaining current and past membership rosters. Term of office 2 years.
D) Treasurer: The treasurer shall be responsible for maintaining the club's bank account. The Treasurer will also work with the registered agent to keep business records and prepare financial reports for both the members and government filings. Term of office 2 years.
E) Sergeant-at-Arms: The sergeant-at-arms shall keep order and serve as parliamentarian. The sergeant-at-arms shall serve as a panel member. The sergeant-at-arms shall monitor club mailing lists and/or message boards for improper use, and shall have the right to warn or ban users. Assistants may be appointed as needed. Term of office 2 years.
F) Newsletter Editor: The newsletter editor shall be responsible for the writing, assembly, proofing, publishing, and distribution of a quarterly club newsletter. This is a 4 year position with first year training from the retiring official.
G) Webmaster: The webmaster will be responsible in keeping the club web site updated with new show, meets, new members, and encounters in a timely fashion. The webmaster may appoint assistants as required. This is a 4 year position with first year training from the retiring official.
H) Merchandise Manager: The merchandise manager shall be responsible for sales, shipping, and inventory in the club store and will keep an up to date Member ID# list. Term of office 2 years.
I) 6 Regional Panel Members: The panel members shall be elected to represent different geographical areas whenever possible. Panel members shall be responsible for all final decisions concerning club activities. Each panel member shall also be responsible to act as an intermediary for the grievance of the general members in their appropriate region to the panel as a whole. Panel members shall also take charge of the following duties or delegation of duties at every Indy meet attended. 
1. Advertising
2. Registration
3. Voting/Judging/Awards
4. Door Prizes/Sponsors (if available)
5. Set-Up/Tear-Down/Clean-Up
The panel members shall report to the appointed meet chairman concerning these duties. Term of office 1 year.
Section 3: The registered agent will be responsible for processing year-end business and reports, in cooperation with the treasurer. The registered agent may resign at any time by giving written notice to the president and the panel, who will then appoint a new person to the position.
Section 4: Any officer or panel member may be removed, for cause, by a majority vote of the panel members. Any officer or board member may resign at any time by giving written notice to the panel. Any such vacancy would be filled by appointment of the panel until the next election. 

Section 1. Application for a new membership shall be made on a standard application form available through the IndyRam web site ( or by mail. First year dues will be collected and a membership card with club ID#, official decal, and Club T-shirt will be issued to the new member. Additional Club T-shirts shall be made available at a discounted price at this time. A completed and signed application form
including the truck VIN# shall indicate the new member's acceptance of these bylaws.
Section 2. There shall be the following types of membership in this club: 
A) Active Member--Any person interested in promoting the purpose of this club may become an active member and such shall be entitled to all club privileges, including the right to vote and hold office. This shall also include household members, whose membership is included with active membership.
B) Honorary Member: Any person having gained eminence in the automobile industry, or any person who has gained club esteem may be elected an annual honorary membership by a majority vote of the panel members. Honorary members shall be exempt from payment of dues. They shall be entitled to all club privileges, except for the right to vote and hold office.
Section 3. Membership privileges with a valid club ID# shall include discount prices for merchandise in the Club Store, members-only club negotiated discount rates, and other exclusive members-only offers as they become available.

Section 1: At all general meets and or meetings of the club, in addition to at least one officer, twenty percent of the club's active members in good standing shall constitute a quorum. Attendance shall be taken to determine if a quorum is present.
Section 2: The general meet and or meetings of the Indy Ram club shall be conducted by parliamentary procedures.
Section 3: The panel members will meet before the club meeting. A Quorum of the panel is six out of fourteen officers and panel members.
Section 4: If a quorum fails to attend a meet or meeting, those present may conduct the meeting , and it will be binding until the next meeting when a simple majority must approve, nullify, or amend the actions of the previous meeting.
Section 5: Any additional meetings that are required throughout the year must have an appropriate quorum present to conduct club business.
Section 6: The club meeting shall normally be held 9:00pm eastern 6:00pm pacific time on the third
Sunday of every month in the selected chat room. Time and date may be changed by a majority vote of the panel. Members shall be notified of any changes in the newsletter and on the web site at least 7 days in advance.
Section 7: Nominations for new officers and board members shall be held at the annual summer meets of the Indy Ram Club. Elections shall be held after the meet by casting votes at the Indy Ram web site. The elected official will then have time to work with the retiring official until January 1 when the term of office begins.
Section 8: Notice must be given of the annual election to all active members. Unless provided otherwise, this notice will posted on the web site before the annual summer meets.
Section 9: At the annual summer meet a slate of nomination shall be presented to the membership. Nomination for an office or a board member can also be made at this time. All nominees must give oral or written consent to their nominations.

Section 10: Voting ballots shall be taken on the IndyRam web site for a period of a 15 days , prior notice of a ballot page will be made to the list 5 consecutive days prior to the activation of the ballot, and will be tallied and posted 5 days after the ballot closes.
Section 11: New officers and panel members shall take office on the 1st day of January. Section 12: Six panel members shall be elected. Four shall serve one-year terms, two panel members, which have already been members in the past year, shall be elected to serve a second term.
Section 13: The out going president shall automatically serve with the panel the following year in an advisory capacity.
Section 14: There shall be no consumption of alcoholic beverages during a club meeting at an annual event, and smoking is not permitted during indoor club meetings. A motion for a "smoke break" can be made at any time during a regular or special meeting of the club. A simple majority of members in attendance may elect to take a ten-minute break from the meeting. Those persons wishing to use such a break to smoke may not in the room where the meeting is taking place in consideration of others.

Section 1
: Dues for membership shall be determined by the panel. The current dues are $40.00 per year for active and newsletter members. Household membership dues are included. Renewal dues are $25.00. The annual dues are due by January 1 of each year.
Section 2: Those applicants not joining at the beginning of the year shall pay membership dues pro-rated at a semi-annual basis after July 1.
Section 3: The fiscal year of this club shall be the calendar year.

Section 1:
The business affairs of this club (Indy Ram Club of America) shall be transacted by the president, vice-president, secretary, sergeant-at-arms, newsletter editor and the panel members. The president is the chairman of the panel. All logos, copyrights, registered names, club merchandise, are the sole property of The IndyRam Club of America and must be approved by a quorum of the officers and panel for other than club use.
Section 2: All matters involving financial assessments of this club shall be submitted to the general membership of the club for action. All other matters of particular individual interest, at the discretion of the panel members, shall be submitted to the general membership of the club for action.
Section 3: The panel shall have the power by a majority vote of it's members to suspend or to expel and terminate the membership of any member for conduct which, in it's opinion, disturbs the order, dignity, business, harmony, name, popularity, welfare, interest, character of the club or for any conduct which is in violation of these articles of incorporation, or the by-laws or other rules or regulations of the Indy Ram Club. Such action may not be taken until a time for a meeting on ICQ in a private chat is convened with the panel members having been notified and both sides be given an opportunity to present a case. If a solution cannot be reached in the meeting then the panel must take appropriate action by vote on the matter. If expelled or terminated all dues paid is forfeited to the club. Section 4: At all times members are responsible for their own actions and will hold the club, panel, officers, volunteers, harmless of all litigation resulting from their personal actions.
Section 5: The panel members may spend up to $100.00 (petty cash) for any non-reoccurring operating expenses; any amount over $100.00 must be taken to the general membership for a vote.
Section 6: The panel may spend funds for regular re-occurring operation expenses without a general membership vote provided those were authorized prior to by a majority vote of the panel and officers.
Section 7: Changes to the by-laws shall be reviewed and approved by the panel and then published for two months before being approved or nullified by a quorum of the general membership. Section 8: Items on the Panel floor for a period of 60 days will be considered stale and will be put off to a later date so that other items up for consideration can be acted on.

July 4th, 2000

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